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Selection of high quality PP non-woven material and anti-static treatment is to ensure that no stimulation and no harm to skin.
The filter layer is made of the NELSON laboratory certified cloth which has high efficiency filter, antibacterial and deodorization effect.
Ear fixing belt is made of non latex special filamentary material which has moderate intensity and no sense of oppression nerve. In view of the different operators, we produce the ear hanging, headgear and banding type for customer choice.
Professional design, no fog glasses, comfortable nasal, ensure clear communication.
Scope of application: hospital, electronic chemicals, food industry, beauty salons, decoration studio, hardware, clean and daily life.
FE3B Blue three layers

Specification: 17.5×9±0.2cm
Packaging: 50Pieces/box, 2000Pcs/box
Carton size: 54×39×34cm

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